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Completion: 2020, quarter 1

With more than 150 years of experience in transport and logistics, Bleckmann is a global partner in supply chain management (SCM) within the fashion and lifestyle industry. Bleckmann has a strong base in Europe and is constantly expanding to the United Kingdom, North America and Asia.

The Bleckmann app serves as a means to improve employee integration. The app is a source where relevant information for employees can be found. For example, there is a news page where users can read the latest Bleckmann news. Employees can also find each other's contact details via the app.

The application also focuses on a loyalty program where users are rewarded for:

  • The duration of their service at Bleckmann
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Being active within the discussions of the company

The application can be used by employees on an iOS and Android device.

A CMS has been developed in which the application can be managed.


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