VoNo Voice Note to Mail app beschrijving
Delivery: 2018, quarter 1

With VoNo, the Voice Note Memo to Mail app solution, you can easily send texts from your smartphone to your e-mail address. By connecting your e-mail address to the VoNo app you can be sure of never losing your quick thoughts or reminders ever again.

The app has 4 functions that allow you to easily transfer your ideas to your e-mail with just one click: Voice to Text, Voice Memo, Text Memo and Photo Memo.

With Voice to Text your spoken messages will directly be converted to text. This text can then be sent to the e-mail address connected to VoNo with just one click. Do you have a comprehensive idea that needs to be recorded quickly for future reference? That sounds like an excellent use case for the Voice Memo function. Record your spoken message, click send and receive the memo on your e-mail address instantly. Rather write your message because it adds more clarity? Write down your message with the Text Memo function and send it to your e-mail address to get back at a later time. Lastly, with the Photo Memo function, easily take and send pictures to your e-mail address.

Aside from these four main functions the app also allows the addition of extra e-mail addresses you own or from contacts such as colleagues or family members. This way the memos will be delivered to the right person and you will never forget spontaneous ideas and reminders ever again. Speed and ease of use are of upmost importance to VoNo.

Curious about the app? Download VoNo now for Android and iOS.




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