The Live Life website is live


The Live Life website is live

Live Life is an application that uses the digital world to bring people in 'the real' world together. Although the app is still under construction, the website has already gone live!

Meet new friends with the Live Life app

The Live Life app helps you to meet new friends. The application can be used on many different locations, for example at bars and festivals, or whenever you're travelling in the train or bus. There's a chance to meet new people everywhere. How you ask? Simply scan the Live Life QR code at your location. Whereupon you will enter the Live Life chat room, where you can chat with other users whom are present at your location. At some locations, the chat room is even displayed on a TV screen. Talk to each other, meet each other and make new friends.

Entrepreneurs and Live Life

It's also interesting for entrepreneurs to take part in Live Life. The Live Life app gives you the opportunity to build customer loyalty in a personal way. Entrepreneurs can display the real-time chat screen on a TV screen to encourage customers to use the Live Life app. Additionally, entrepreneurs can also advertise and offer vouchers through the personalized dashboard. Live Life is a playful way to boost the contact between you and your customers.

The app is still under full construction, but the promotional website is already live! Chech out the website here



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