Randstad Office Configurator overview
Completion: 2018, quarter 4

  In-house distribution

Randstad is going to revamp the interior of 4000 Randstad offices in 39 different countries. The offices will receive a new look that fits the corporate identity of Randstad.  That is why Randstad, OTH_ and DTT have worked together to create the ‘Randstad Office Configurator’. Build modes of popular games, such as ‘the Sims’ and ‘Rollercoaster Tycoon’ have served as inspiration during the development process. With the new online tool, it will be easy for branch managers to create a replica of their office in their web browser. The branch manager is able to recreate his/her office by building walls, add doors, windows and floors. After the office has been successfully recreated, the branch manager can start with furnishing the office with the help of the Human Forward Style Guide. The Human Forward Style Guide has been created by OTH_ architects.

When the branch manager is content with the design and the costs, a regional expert of the Human Forward Style Guide will give detailed feedback on the design. After the furniture has been approved, an overview will be created which displays the ordered products and price. Finally, the order will be ready for processing.

The project is currently still in development. We are looking forward to a great web tool and successfully furnishing 4000 Randstad offices next year.

Randstad Office Configurator beschrijving



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