Developing an app consists of several phases. Each app is unique and requires a unique process. The process is influenced by; the wishes of the client, the short and long-term objectives, the target group, the timeline and the available budget. This process is not necessarily written in stone and can be dynamic and flexible throughout the project. You can expect the following steps if you develop your app at DTT:

Concept phase

During the concept phase, the desired functionality of the app will be discussed and determined. Followed by the wireframes and concept designs. At this stage it is important to make the right choices. The available budget is often the most important factor. Relevant questions are; what are our objectives, what is the target audience, what do we want to achieve, how to position the app in the market, which features are relevant and is the available budget realistic enough to develop an app on two (or more) platforms?

Design phase

You need a specialist for composing inspiring designs. They know what users expect in terms of User Interface and User Experience. The navigation structure must be right and the app must be clear at a single glance to the users.


Development’ is the core of a project. It is essential that an app is correctly built from the beginning. If you need to update an app, you do not want to rewrite the code.


Test, test, and test again. Everything must be right! Make sure people in your personal circle are willing to test your app. Do you not want to test an app yourself? At DTT we have our own testers. We test the app and make sure the app will be delivered to you without bugs.

Publication, distribution and promotion

If the app is finished, it is possible to launch the app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It is also possible to control the launch as you please.