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Everything about PHP development


There are many technologies that are available in the market which are used for web developments. PHP enables you to interact with your web visitors in ways HTML alone is incapable of. Making it an essential tool to incorporate to improve the quality of online presence. DTT is a PHP development firm who has honed their knowledge and skills through years of operations, and are ready to provide quality services at the highest level.

PHP is a popular open-source web development dynamic scripting language. PHP is widely used for developing programs, applications and websites. It is used to custom the websites according to the needs of the client, to make the website more appealing for its visitors. It has been one of the driving force of success behind digital products. PHP runs on most web servers and many different operating systems.

It can be used to offer greater experience for the users of the app or visitors of the web page. PHP can be used to feature an interactive forum or private messaging system on the webpage. It can also elaborate a feature on your business app where shopping carts can save previous orders made and recommend related products for the customers, which will assist in boosting your sales. It is a secure, fast, reliable and cost-effective web development technology to use for web and application developments.

Through PHP development, we can perform complex tasks on the web or app such as setting up a log-in system for customers as well as applying cookies on the system to identify user and store preferences. In addition to that, search feature can be added on the website or the app – making it easier to work with for the customers; giving them a better experience. Do you have more questions about PHP development? Call us, send an email or make an informal visit to our office in Amsterdam. We will be pleased to assist and discuss possibilities regarding the PHP development of your website or app idea together with you.

With DTT, we will help you set up a fluid and interactive online presence to ensure that your website is developed on time at a high-quality standard. We are based in Holland and have years of experience with the Dutch and PHP development. We will help you set an exceptional business online, as well as provide continuous support after to ensure it continues to operate up to standard.

Look at our impressive portfolio or check references of our clients, they are all extremely pleased with the high-quality PHP development services provided by DTT. Our team of expert developers possess all the technical skills required for different site requirements and designs to suit each client. They use a combination of both design programs and hand-written source code to create flexible websites that is almost a perfect visual representation and functionality customized just for your business needs. We provide everything necessary to get your business online and will also continue to provide support after it has been set up. The consistent and continuous support you will receive – makes us an obvious, best choice for a PHP development agency in Holland.

BEDRIJFS-APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

business apps

DTT has extensive experience in developing business apps for both public and in-house distribution. We have developed such apps as ING Marketing day app and BAM Inspiration solution.

CONSUMENTEN APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

consumer APPS

Our aps have great succces in the app stores. Among our most popular apps are RIVM Tick bite awareness app , Doula Labor Coach app and OSR Augmented Reality app.

Game apps ontwikkeld door DTT

Game apps

Game apps are an effective and fun way to support a campaign and increase customers' loyalty. Our most fine examples of the developed games are Krasloten December game and PokerConnect app.

WEB OPLOSSINGEN ontwikkeld door DTT

WEB solutions

Apart from apps DTT specializes in developing sucessfull websites for different purposes. HG Webshop and HG Order Portal are few examples of the web solutions we have made.


PHP development in Amsterdam


Are you looking for the best, smartest and motivated PHP development firm? Then, the answer can be found in Amsterdam. Amsterdam has become a thriving technology center for the Netherlands; with many small and large companies from various countries having chosen this area to base their operations. A disturbing low amount of developers use the latest software, especially for PHP development but here at DTT we are different – we use the most updated and skilled developers to deliver the service to you.

We ensure that all our websites are using the latest software, and even go through the effort of maintaining sites if they become slower, or interactivity decreases. Whether it’s a simple portal or a complex enterprise solution with mission critical tasks, we are here to exploit the power and maturity of PHP to address the full spectrum of your business needs.

At DTT, we have qualified PHP team of developers with years’ experience working on complex PHP products. Amsterdam is home to many competitors and yet we have been thriving in this increasingly competitive market by having highly skilled developers, who are extremely flexible and able to create a variety of designs and sites. DTT is a Dutch firm but it has differentiated itself from local competitors by recruiting highly skilled individual from around the world, to create a team capable of performing at an elevated level to meet the firms goal of providing a high-quality service. Therefore, if you are looking to set up your business online, look no further- DTT will help you develop an attractive and appealing website and assist you to boost your business’s online presence at a rapid speed with minimum effort from you. DTT will assist you in positioning your business online, helping you meet your strategic aims. So, if you have any further inquiries about PHP development in Amsterdam, just contact us or make an appointment.

Testimonials from our clients


ING Bank

Stephan Swerissen, Formula Manager Sparen en Beleggen

"We would like to emphasize:

  • Young, enthusiastic, technical and professional employees
  • Quick feedback + Good communication via phone / email 
  • Good at executing a concrete idea"



De Lotto

Fiona Mirrer, Coordinator Marketing Communication

"For our most popular and best-known lottery scratch-card, December Calendar, we came up with the idea to develop a fun game that you can play both on the PC and on your phone. For this, we started looking for a multimedia partner and found DTT. Despite the short timetable, DTT has made a super game: the December Calendar game. This game, starring the penguins from the December Calendar 2014  lottery scratchcards, is based on an existing game and is intended as a free fun bonus. You can't win (money) prizes, but you can get the highest score! Communication was smooth, clear and fast and we could always turn to DTT if we had questions. DTT also thought actively with us on how we could generate more downloads and gave us good advice where necessary. In short, DTT has been an excellent partner. We will certainly continue working with DTT in future."


Joost Gunterman

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Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to help.