Panorama Netherlands overzicht
Completion: 2018, quarter 4

Panorama Netherlands displays a future perspective for the Netherlands. It reveals how big social issues of today can pose as the key to solutions of tomorrow. 

A real-life Panorama Netherlands will be showcased at various locations in the coming months. All data and locations will be announced on the official website of Panorama Netherlands. The physical panorama is a construction on eye-level allowing viewers to witness 360 degrees of a cleaner, richer and closer Netherlands.

Panorama Netherlands is an initiative from the College of State Counsels. Users of the app can view the spatial imagination of the future that awaits the Netherlands on their own phones. Users are also able to listen to the various State counselors explaining everything about the panorama and the different themes.

The application features an AR camera that has the ability to recognize QR codes. Whenever a user at Panorama Netherlands sees a theme that they would like to receive more information on, they can simply scan the QR code. As soon as the AR camera recognizes the QR code a spatial audio fragment will be played. A spatial audio fragment will have it’s output volume determined based on the distance between the user and the scanned QR code.

Curious to see how the Netherlands will look like in the future? Download the app now on iOS or Android.

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