Now live: The Live Life app


Now live: The Live Life app

Live Life is the perfect app for every entrepreneur and socialiser. Live Life stands for ‘Location based socialising’. 

''Connecting people in real life'' 

Make new friends with the Live Life app. Whether you are in the pub, the office, the theatre or in your own neighbourhood. Your surroundings will be awakened by the Live Life app, through features such as a location-based real-time chat. The chat shows the latest messages from participants who are online at the location and the latest news. Scan the QR-code in the chat with your smartphone and start socializing: send messages, share pictures and meet new people. Furthermore, the Live Life app contains a news feed on which you can discover stories of your friends and where you can participate in polls. Curious to know where you can find Live Life locations? Turn on location services in the app and automatically search the best hotspots that are near you. This way you can also find information about the location, like opening times and how often you visited this location. Are you a regular visitor of a social hotspot? Get rewards like discounts!

Advantages for entrepreneurs and users

Live Life can be of great value to entrepreneurs, the app allows you to get in touch with your visitors on a personal level. In the Live Life app there is space for entrepreneurs to advertise. The chat (including ads and offers) can be projected in real-time by using a beamer or displayed on a TV. The chat can be customized in the style of your shop, pick a custom background or colour scheme! Create rewards, like a free drink for every 5th visitor and add promotions to stimulate customer loyalty. A win-win situation for customer and entrepreneur!

The Live Life app is now available for Android en iOS. Want to know more? Visit the website.

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