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First delivery: 2019, quarter 2

The MyLikies app is a community-building platform. Easily build your own community by sharing the app with friends. Users of the app can purchase day trips with the various coupons listed on the platform. These can be solo day trips to the spa, restaurants, beauty-arrangements and more. These trips are also for couples and larger groups.

Aside from the many day trips, users can also find the best web shop deals from online providers such as booking.com, amazon.com, Zalando and bol.com on MyLikies. For the biggest part, all kickbacks from web shops and revenue grossed from coupons will be redistributed back to the community through the Rings of MyLikies.

Another way to earn money with MyLikies is by inviting your friends to register for the app. When your friends refer others to MyLikies you’re eligible for additional earnings.

Are you an advertiser? Then MyLikies is a great platform to expand your business for free. Advertisers can use the MyLikies Dashboard to offer attractive deals to nearby users. You will settle all coupons used on your deals. What are you waiting on? Have fun, Make money, Together with MyLikies.

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