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Joost Gunterman

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Developing mobile games in Amsterdam 

DTT is experienced in producing mobile games. We will keep you informed during the entire development process, from the beginning to the end. Using technologies like Unity or Xamarin, DTT develops mobile games for iPhone and Android. DTT develops games for multiple platforms, which is profitable for the client as the game reaches a larger audience. That way, more people can access your game.

DTT has done many different projects. The games that were developed in these projects, have been positively reviewed by our clients. They may inspire you for your own mobile game idea. We will illustrate some examples below:

  • I amsterdam Maps & Routes: The I amsterdam Maps & Routes app allocates the tourist pressure from the center. The user navigates to well-known and less known attractions. If the user is within 30 meters of a landmark he will get access to a certain challenge. The information and challenges are in the form of a video, audio file, or a quiz game.

  • Listen & Play music app: Composer Henk Wieman developed a way to learn music by listening to notes and pitches. In Western music culture, we are accustomed to playing from note sheets, but Wieman believes that the hearing should be leading. In this app the user learns to play the piano at his own pace and level and can practice on a “real” piano board.

  • King Penguin: To bring awareness to the protection of the Antarctic, home to penguins, DTT has developed the King Penguin AR app and concept for Greenpeace. The concept resembles the popular Pokémon GO app, except that users are looking for penguins instead. Did you spot the penguin? Then you can use augmented reality to take a photo of the penguin to unlock the search for the next penguin.
BEDRIJFS-APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

business apps

DTT has extensive experience in developing business apps for both public and in-house distribution. We have developed such apps as ING Marketing day app and BAM Inspiration solution.

CONSUMENTEN APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

consumer APPS

Our aps have great succces in the app stores. Among our most popular apps are RIVM Tick bite awareness app , Doula Labor Coach app and OSR Augmented Reality app.

Game apps ontwikkeld door DTT

Game apps

Game apps are an effective and fun way to support a campaign and increase customers' loyalty. Our most fine examples of the developed games are Krasloten December game and PokerConnect app.

WEB OPLOSSINGEN ontwikkeld door DTT

WEB solutions

Apart from apps DTT specializes in developing sucessfull websites for different purposes. HG Webshop and HG Order Portal are few examples of the web solutions we have made.


DTT: Mobile game producer Amsterdam

DTT is an experienced mobile game developer. During the development process, DTT communicaties with the client, offers advice for improving the game and produces workflows to give the client a clear overview of the functionalities of the game. This is all part of a defined project. DTT shows maximum effort in fulfilling the client’s wishes. Examples are I amsterdam Maps & RoutesListen & Play music app, and King Penguin

Are you interested in letting DTT develop your mobile game? Contact us by calling or e-mailing. Do you want to visit DTT? Plan a meeting at our office. Our office is located at a 10 minute-walking distance from the Central Station in Amsterdam. During this non-committal meeting we will discuss your idea for a game, as well as your wishes for developing the game. As DTT is very experienced with developing games, we will quickly determine whether we think your idea for a game is profitable and if so, what opportunities there are for marketing your game.

If you choose DTT as your mobile app producer, we will deliver a concept for your game. At DTT, we value your opinion as a client. When you agree with the concept, we will start developing your game. During this development process, you will be regularly updated and informed about changes. We will extensively test your game for bugs. Further on, there is always a warranty period of two months, in which we will solve any bug in your game free of charge.

Finally, DTT offers services for promoting and advertising your game, using a proven effective marketing strategy to reach its audience. This has a large influence on the cost-effectiveness of your game. Hopefully, all of this will contribute to a game both you and DTT, mobile game producer Amsterdam, are proud of.

Testimonials from our clients


Greenpeace Nederland

Ehtimaad Rais, Online Campagner

"Speaking for both myself, Joost and the entire projecteam, I would like to thank DTT deeply for your efforts. We are thrilled with the end result!

When we approached you with the request to make penguins appear everywhere in the Netherlands through AR, we received an exceptional proposal. A very entertaining elaboration of our campaign to make the South Pole a protected marine reserve. Together we quickly came up with the name for the King Penguin app and fun occasions to use the app so everyone can search virtual penguins via AR in their own neighborhood. By combining this quest with information about the animals and their threatened environment at the South Pole, awareness is created in a playful way. And that's exactly what we wanted. Once again, compliments on how fast you brought this amazing app into the digital world. I experienced it as a very pleasant collaboration."


Bouwend Nederland

Ad van Luijt, chairman of the Build@School Foundation

"Since 2015 we are playing a construction game at schools to encourage students to choose for construction technology. This game in which a Lego house has to be built, was supervised by a few game leaders. As it was becoming a problem to find enough game leaders every time, the decision was made to change the game into a digital construction game.

This is how I came in contact with DTT in Amsterdam. After meeting with Jeffrey and his organization, we decided to let DTT build the game.

This has been done to great satisfaction of our Foundation "Build@School". The employees of DTT were always there to process questions and suggestions that we had. The game is being played for a year now and we intend to expand the game further. Of course we would like to do this again with the cooperation of DTT."

Joost Gunterman

Need more info?

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to help.