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Delivery: 2015, quarter 2

Middin is a social organization for everyone, no matter what their disability or age is. Every day they help 4,000 clients with intellectual, physical and other disabilities. For Middin DTT has devised a total concept and developed an app, called Lief en Lijf, for people with a general learning disability. It is a native iOS and Android app that provides info about sex. The app covers a variety of topics related to sexuality of men and women, contraception and STDs in a playful but mature way. For women, the app provides push notifications for when to take the contraceptive pill. The user learns about all kinds of sexual issues through a quiz and a condom game which is also the fun feature of this app.

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Together with DTT we have made a sex education app for people with a disability. Regardless of disability or age. Developing an app was a new experience for us and it was a new target group for DTT. DTT employees were able to translate our goals into a beautiful design and concept, which matched well with the target group. The DTT team listened very attentively and the communication was very pleasant. We are very proud of our result and the product meets our expectations.

Nicolette Jansen, Middin

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