Merijn Kersten | Unity Developer Internship

Merijn Kersten | Unity Developer Internship

My graduation internship at DTT has been a rewarding experience that I could recommend to other starting developers. I found DTT online while looking for a company to graduate at, I got a warm welcome and could start working on projects immediately with the all help I needed to get started up. I improved a lot in my programming skills with the help of my new colleagues, especially in the first months.

Being an intern at DTT doesn't feel as such because you're an integral part of the team. That being a team of young enthusiastic developers that have been a pleasure to work with.  You get what you put into your work and in my case, the effort to go the extra mile was greatly appreciated by the team and vice versa.

Along with working on company projects I got time to work on my graduation as well, in which I got to build a new framework to be used by the company. I got a lot of freedom in building this, though sometimes lacking for time with other project deadlines taking precedence.

Although development can be stressful, seeing people enjoying what I built has been worth the effort and I'll look back at my internship as an exciting and educational period of my life.

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