An app is no longer a nice extra for many companies and organizations  but is a necessary renewal. Companies and organizations need apps in order to better communicate with their customers, to support promotional activities and improve internal processes. In this article we will discuss the possibilities of mobile applications for your business or organization.

Business applications

Smartphones and tablets enable employees, partners and customers to easily find and share information. Below we list some good examples of mobile applications for your business or organization:

  • Presenting products or services to customers (Scoupy & VWS).
  • Providing insight into patterns of work and creating and sharing agreements (FlexR).
  • Insight into critical success factors (CSF) and progress of projects.
  • Easily collect, share and edit information. For example, for administrative processes (NSI).
  • Promote awareness and prevention (RIVM)
  • Conducting business studies (KPMG Fine).
  • Faster and more efficient meetings (Adante E-vergaderingen).
  • Keeping track of product supply (Stock keeper).
  • A webshop app that allows customers to place orders (H&M).
  • Support promotional activities (Smolke).
  • Information presented in an interesting and dynamic way (BAM & Valtifest).
  • A newsfeed app (Ajax1).
  • Easily scan and share documents (Scanny).
  • E-learning application (Dragonfly). 

A custom application

With all the examples above, it is clear that there are plenty of options. The main question is, what type of application is best for your business or organization? Below is a list of widely used solutions for businesses.

Mobile website/HTML5 web application

A website is often one of the main means of communicating a company or organization with customers. A large part of visitors of mobile websites drop out if the website is not optimized for mobile devices. Therefore it is essential that the corporate website is optimized for smartphones and tablets.

Promotion of products/services via the app

A well developed application is an excellent marketing tool. Apps give companies a modern look, and offer unique functionalities. A good example is the game developed for Smolke, manufacturer of animal food. Smolke presented the game at the domestic stock market which boosted the visibility of the brand. In a playful way potential customers became familiar with the Smolke brand.

Add value to existing products or services

For business-to-consumer companies it is advisable to develop an application that provides consumers with added value on top of the current value proposition. Business-to-business companies should have an app to improve intercommunication.

Improving internal processes (cost savings)

Many companies, organizations, associations and entrepreneurs can save costs by having a smart application developed. The application can ensure that certain software becomes obsolete or business processes run faster and smoother, saving time or manpower. Whether it comes to CRM, sales management, e-commerce or simply exchanging contacts - a mobile application can handle it. The KPMG Fine app and the NSI app are good examples.

DTT helps you to develop a mobile application. We think along with you about the possibilities for your company or organization and come to and appropriate final solution. Don't hesitate to contact us.