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Completion: 2019, quarter 2


The use of social media can be a lot more social, make your environment come to life with the Live Life app. Live Life is the ideal partner for entrepreneur and socializer!

The Live Life app connects people at every possible location by using a real-time chat screen. Think of social hotspots, such as the bar, theatre, the school canteen or just while travelling by train. Users can easily login by scanning a QR code at the location. The Live Life app doesn’t only make life easier, it also makes life more affordable. Users can save for vouchers by frequenting the same social hotspot. The Live Life app additionally contains a news feed where you can check out stories from friends and participate in polls.

The Live Life app is also a great addition for entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can advertise through the Live Life app and offer vouchers through their personalized dashboard. This offers them the opportunity to stimulate customer loyalty through a personal approach. Moreover, entrepreneurs can also display the real-time chat screen on the TV to encourage the use of the Live Life app. The dashboard also enables the entrepreneur to delete unwanted messages and block users, so the Live Life app stays a pleasant environment.

Do you want to know where you can find Live Life locations in your area? With location services turned on, the app will automatically search for fun locations nearby. To make chatting even more interesting, every user will receive a status, which shows activity and the number of likes and badges. Will you become the user with the number 1 badge?

Want to find out more? Then check out the Live Life website.

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