Kruitbosch order app overzicht
Completion: 2018, quarter 3

As owner of the cycling brands Cortina and Alpina, Kruitbosch supplies bicycles, components and accessories to two-wheeler specialists in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In order to adapt to the growing demand of the Cortina and Alpina brands, Kruitbosch previously ordered to develop a web portal. An accompanying app was however still missing. It is no surprise that Kruitbosch and DTT joined forces to realize just that.

The application eases the process for partners of Kruitbosch to order products from the assortment. By scanning QR- and barcodes, users can acquire information about products and easily add these to their shopping carts and order. The scanner is the core functionality of the app. Besides scanning a QR-code, the catalogue and search function allow any product to be retrieved. Furthermore there is a news page where users can receive the latest news on Kruitbosch.

Want to know more about Kruitbosch? View their website.

Kruitbosch order app beschrijving


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