Neville Blackson | Android app development trainee

Neville Blackson | Android app development trainee

When I started at DTT as an intern, I was a junior Android developer and I hoped that I could learn as much as possible at DTT. Since the first day of my internship at DTT I was assigned on a project that had just started. So I could immediately experience working on a real project from the beginning to the end. On that day, I noticed that at DTT you almost never stand alone for anything, even though nobody was specifically designated as my supervisor, I could just go to anyone if I had a question. At the beginning I had to get used to the way of working within DTT and the structure, but very soon I understood it well enough. There were plenty of people who explained to me how everything works. The best thing about DTT is that everything is open; you are in the same room with the designers, web and iOS. So you can always appeal to other teams with your questions. The company has a fantastic working atmosphere, which is why I am also very happy to be given the opportunity to stay with DTT as a part-timer.

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