Chaiyakit Limsuval | Strategy and New Business Internship

Chaiyakit Limsuval | Strategy and New Business Internship

''My six month internship at DTT was a very enjoyable experience that I would like to share:

Right from the start of my internship I noticed the work-hard-play-hard attitude at DTT. The atmosphere of DTT is casual yet professional, which contributes to a barrierless work environment. When I had any question I could easily approach my colleagues or managers, resolving many problems on the fly and without stress.

What I really valued is that being an intern at DTT means that you work on tasks that directly contribute to daily operations and projects that directly drive the growth of the company as a whole. Working as an intern at DTT means that you are being given challenging assignments and must take responsibility, just like any other colleague in the office. Due to this, I had the opportunity to apply knowledge I acquired from university directly to relevant cases, to give strategic input. In addition working at DTT also helped me to further develop practical skills, such as taking initiative in important projects, following up on work processes, time management, and thinking outside the box.

All in all I would like to thank DTT for this great learning experience and all the fun moments during the internship.
I'm looking forward to see the growth of the company and the DTT team as a whole.'' 

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