Many parties face the difficult choice on how to select a suitable application supplier or developer for a new project. After long savings, considering all the pros and cons, doing market research, trying to gain support from investors, or trying to persuade the entire management team of the company you represent. You can -finally- start with your project. A lot of factors influence the ultimate decision of choosing a suitable supplier. How do you select a suitable supplier? One thing is certain: you do not have to make this decision based on a gut feeling or personal acquaintances towards possible suppliers or developers.

For this matter, you can use the expertise of an experienced app supplier. You can find some tips below this text on how to select a reliable developer and to make it your partner.


At first, determine the exact development needs for the app. A tailor-made app, an app based on your website with added payment options, does it need to contain specific information, a game or a mobile order portal?

The knowledge and quality of a developer

The majority of app developers is specialized in a specific sector such as: the government, healthcare, logistics or education. These experiences are relevant and may have an influence on the selection process of choosing an app developer. Perhaps some parts developed in previous projects by the developer can be of use in your mobile solution. But most important, successful completed projects are a proof of someone's experiences in a specific sector. Regulations and codes of conduct ensure that a developer has market knowledge of a specific sector. Have you found a developer with experience in your industry? This developer is able to get the most out of your solution.

Check their online portfolio

Many companies, and (app) developers too, love to show off their large and comprehensive portfolio on their own websites. The phenomenon called ‘namedropping’ is frequently used. Always keep in mind: is it true what is written down? Is the company fully responsible for the final solution or did they only develop a certain part of a project? Make sure the projects shown in their portfolio are finished and fully functional. Read reviews in the App Store and Play Store. Download some of their apps to see what you think about the usability and user interface.

Call their references

A good and reliable developer also shows a list of references in addition to the portfolio. The best way to look at a developer’s project approach, way of work, and the service provided by a developer is by calling previous customers of the developer. Take 30 minutes to call two or three references and ask about their experiences with the developer. Ask about the cooperation, the delivered quality, completion of the work and aftercare.

Finally, below are some general guidelines:

Selecting a developer

  1. Do not only search for developers within your region. Look beyond your own region.
  2. Ask about experiences of other companies with similar needs.
  3. Check the knowledge and experience of a potential app developer. Do they have any experience in your industry and with fulfilling similar needs?
  4. Inquire more than one app developer. Ask different app developers how they would satisfy your needs.
  5. Check the continuity of a developer.

It is important that you have a good feeling with your potential app-partner.

  1. Discuss with a potential app developer about the mutual expectations.
  2. Think about the future. Is it a single project with no further requirements or is, for example, future maintenance required?
  3. Talk about which additional services are available at the app developer and under what conditions they can be used.

DTT is an experienced and reliable developer for mobile solutions. We are able to start projects for governments, multinationals, small and medium-sized companies and individuals. In the past, this had led to several major successes. Because of this, we have created several attractive projects, available in the App Store and Play Store. Perhaps you would like to see our portfolio. Or read our referrences, we are proud of them!