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Completion: 2020, quarter 1

EFDN (European Football Development Network) is an organisation that promotes the connecting power of football and uses this power as an instrument for social development. The Healthy Football League app is an initiative to promote an active and healthy lifestyle. The app is being supported by a large part of the European high ranking clubs and the European Union.

Within the app you can select your favourite club and select which club you would like to join. Thereafter, you can (thanks to the built-in step counter) track your own steps and gather points for your favourite club. The ranking has been divided on national and international level and you can also view your ranking within the club that you have selected.

The Healthy Football League app also tracks your progress. You are therefore able to see how many calories you have burned, how many steps you have walked and how many kilometres you have traveled. Moreover, you can also earn badges for your achievements. You can share these achievements on your social media channels. Finally, the Healthy Football League app also has a chat function, so you are able to chat with other users that are part of your club.

Do you want to know more about EFDN? Visit the website.

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