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Digitalisation has become an integral part of society nowadays. Citizens and companies have high expectations of the government when it comes to offering digital services. Are you looking for an app developer that can meet these high expectations? DTT is the partner you’re looking for. Thanks to previous collaborations with various government agencies and departments, we have the expertise and experience that’s necessary to develop high quality government solutions and applications. Whether it concerns information provision, offering services online, optimising work processes or a completely new concept, we aim to innovate your government agency or department How we do this? By combining technique, creativity and strategy the right way. Curious about the possibilities? Feel free to contact us.

Fruitbuit app - DTT apps
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Hybrid – iPhone – Android – API – CMS

Fruitbuit app

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iPhone – Android – Web – API – CMS

Blokster app

RIVM Tick bite awareness app - DTT apps
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iPhone – Android – API

RIVM Tickbite

Awareness app

UWV E-learning game - DTT apps
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E-learning game

iStrategy policy app - DTT apps
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iPhone – iPad


policy app

KvK Start2Import e-learning app - DTT apps
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iPhone – Android – API – CMS

KvK Start2Import e-learning app

RIVM Respondent Driven Sampling  - DTT apps
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Web - API - CMS

RIVM Respondent Driven Sampling

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