GGZ inGeest healthcare framework app overzicht
Delivery: 2017, quarter 2

In cooperation with GGZ inGeest, DTT develops the GGZ inGeest health care frames app. In order to improve the mental health of the Netherlands it is important that psychiatric care frameworks are easy to find and accessible to all.

But how does that work now? It starts with selecting preferences, which automatically filters the information offered. The user will choose from different care frameworks. This section of the application includes a "swipe principle". The user can swipe a frame to the left if he already knows it and / or does not find it interesting, or swipe right when he finds the frame interesting and wants to save it. The saved frames can be shared in PDF form and, for example, sent to user's email address. In this way, the user can always have access to saved care frames. In addition to the app itself, DTT has also provided a Content Management System, which allows to tailor the information in the app with the feedback and wishes of users.

Do you want to know more? Visit the GGZ inGeest website.


GGZ inGeest healthcare framework app beschrijving


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