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Completion: 2018, quarter 4

With a surface covering over 25000m², Famiflora in Moeskroen is known as the biggest garden and outdoor decorations center in Belgium. Aside from the many flowers and plants, Famiflora is also known for displaying the prettiest seasonal decorations and also for having all the right ingredients for a fun day of shopping.

DTT has developed a loyalty app for the garden and outdoor decorations center. Users can connect their customer card to the loyalty app or create a new digital customer card. With every purchase users will earn points which can then be exchanged for fun rewards. Users are eligible to win rewards such as a free bonsai tree or 10% off their next plant purchase. This will be a fun and engaging way to boost customer loyalty.

Apart from the rewards system the app is also suited for looking up store information, scanning products and viewing store campaigns. The loyalty app is available in French and in Dutch.

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