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Completion: 2019, quarter 2

Edu Play Book offers an immersive experience and takes children on an educative adventure together with their parents and grandparents. Every adventure consists of a combination of illustrations, texts and audio. Listen to the adventures of Kiko, Snow, Pip, Grandma and Wesley Wizard or record your own stories. There are multiple stories in the app that can be listened to for free. Do you want to listen to more stories? Then it will soon be possible to go for a subscription, which will provide access to every (new) story. Next to having a subscription, it will also soon be possible to play various mini games with the Edu Play Book app.

The app makes use of Unity, a cross-platform game engine. Because of the use of Unity, the app has beautiful and vibrant animations. Ideal to grasp the attention of the young users. Behind the Edu Play Book app is a Content Management System (CMS), which makes it easy to add (or change) stories.

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