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Joost Gunterman

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Why do you need an E-learning app for your business?


Business apps can be divided into 2 types:

1) For internal needs - to automate business processes, increase the work productivity, facilitate everyday activities etc

2) For marketing, branding and sales growth - for example loyalty apps, or addons to online-services.

Business apps become profitable if your goals are

  • control of teleworkers
  • organisation of b2b sales
  • organisation of internal communication
  • sharing access to files, working plans, meeting schedules etc.
  • consolidation of workers in a social network
  • creating a system of project management
  • education and e-learning for employees

E-learning business apps are extremely effective and there are several reasons for that.

  1. First of all, those apps save time and money on seminars, trainings and master classes.
  2. Secondly, the information is presented in a coherent, logical and easy to perceive way
  3. Thirdly, the challenging element of the app makes employees compete against each other, thus inciting them to learn new information faster and have a more serious approach to it.
  4. Forthly, the head manager can monitor statistics of each employee, analyze the progress and stimulate the learning process.

Of course the most successful type of the e-learning app is a game. Games can be fun, captivating and educative. It's a combination of entertainment and learning. Your employees not only learn new information, but also enjoy the process and develop more loyalty towards the company.

One of the successful e-learning games we have already developed is E-learning game for Porsche. Thanks to the app, the employees gain new knowledge that increases the level of their professionalism and the quality of their services. The game consists of tricky questions. The resuts are displayed on a board so that everyone can check their position. 

Another example of the educational game for in-house distribution is the St. Jude Medical game. The app was presented at EuroPCR fair in Paris. Each doctor could test his/her skills by answering questions in the form of the video, text or picture. The results were displayed on a big screen so that the visitors could immediately see their scores.

BEDRIJFS-APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

business apps

DTT has extensive experience in developing business apps for both public and in-house distribution. We have developed such apps as ING Marketing day app and BAM Inspiration solution.

CONSUMENTEN APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

consumer APPS

Our aps have great succces in the app stores. Among our most popular apps are RIVM Tick bite awareness app , Doula Labor Coach app and OSR Augmented Reality app.

Game apps ontwikkeld door DTT

Game apps

Game apps are an effective and fun way to support a campaign and increase customers' loyalty. Our most fine examples of the developed games are Krasloten December game and PokerConnect app.

WEB OPLOSSINGEN ontwikkeld door DTT

WEB solutions

Apart from apps DTT specializes in developing sucessfull websites for different purposes. HG Webshop and HG Order Portal are few examples of the web solutions we have made.


Making an E-learning game at DTT


What is the difference in our approach to the development process? We provide you a whole team of professionals for your project - creative designers, smart product managers, hard-working developers, experted specialists in marketing and promotion. The project starts from deep analyzis of your company, of your employees and your policy to make the e-learning app mostly effective for your company, for your employees and for you. Everything is important - design, interface, functionality.

Please contact us and make an appointment so that we can discuss your ideas and suggest something to make your future app even better. We have evertything you need to make your e-learning app a success.

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Joost Gunterman

Need more info?

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to help.