DTT: apps with good reviews


DTT: apps with good reviews

DTT's apps have received thousands of reviews worldwide. The App Store and Google Play Store are full of fantastic reviews. Below is a small overview:


Discover the starry sky with: OSR Star Finder 

★★★★★ by Gerard J from the Netherlands
"A great toy for the ones who are eager to learn and very easy to use! "

★★★★★ by Kissing killer from VS
"This app is mesmerizing with everything it has to offer. The pictures are enjoyable and bring to life the beautiful constellations. All for the very low price of absolutely nothing. It's worth it to get if you are interested in stars"

*average score is based on the latest version.

Read more about OSR Star Finder app.


Labor Coach in an app: Doula

★★★★★ by Ashshar072428 from VS
"This app promoted tranquility, calm, and mindful confidence through the labor process. Extremely soothing-highly recommended!"

★★★★★ by Fenanxxl from the Netherlands
"I downloaded this app for fun three years ago. Back then my wife was heavily pregnant. That night when her contractions began I turned on the app (and to our surprise) my wife experienced the verbal guidance offered by the app as very comforting. The app quickly confirmed to us that her contractions had begun and that it wasn’t a case of preterm contractions. I recommend this app to everyone!"

Read more about Doula Labor Coach.


Hebban book community app: for readers by readers

 ★★★★★ by Marielle2015 from the Netherlands
"Hebban.nl already has an amazing and uncluttered website, but this app is a fantastic addition. Very pleased with it!"

★★★★★ by Greet Oostvogels from the Netherlands
"What a great app! You can find a title within no time. It gives you a lot of information; you can read reviews, look at your own bookshelf and add books to it. You can even see which books are currently trending. As a book fanatic this app will always keep you up-to-date. And it’s always fun to just scan a book with it :)"

Read more about Hebban Booksapp.


The RIVM Tickbite awareness app

★★★★★ by fam Huisman from the Netherlands
"Such an insightful app! Also very handy now that the chances of getting bitten by a tick in the Netherlands have increased. Very nice how they instruct you step-by-step on how to recognize a tick, what to pay attention to and how to handle."

★★★★★ by Anne van Duijvenbode from the Netherlands
"Useful! Ideal for people with (little) kids. Very clear, practical, and easy to use. Pretty layout as well."

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KNHS dressage app

★★★★★ by Bel12123 from the Netherlands
"The app is very clear. The ability to record your own tests so you can listen to them later on is great. It is a very useful app in where you can find anything on dressage tests."

★★★★★ by Ninaa from the Netherlands
"It is a very fine app for you to quickly go over your test."

*average iOS score is based on the latest version.

Read more about KNHS dressage app.


Bagels & Beans loyalty app

★★★★★ door Sabrina Withaar from the Netherlands
"Very fun app. You can easily see what you’ve saved, which shops are available, etc."

★★★★★ door Mirjam Groenendijk - den Hoed from the Netherlands
"Super useful how this app allows you to top-up your balance and pay with the app. You also save up to unlock some fun and free products."

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