At DTT we receive a wide variety of ideas for app development on a daily basis. We listen carefully to all requests and make development proposals based on your idea. We can do this for governments, multinationals, small and medium-sized companies, and individuals. At one point, you may wonder: what does it cost to develop an app? An open question with an open answer. You will find more information below. It will show you how a price is set and what costs you can expect.

The price of an app depends on a number of components. This includes but is not limited to: the number of functionalities which should be added in the final solution. For example, basic apps with a small number of functionalities, but there are also larger and more advanced apps that will cost more because of the large number of functionalities.

Development proposal

The definitive budget will be set in consultation with the client, depending on the exact needs and available budget. In a ‘development proposal’ we make clear what concept and solution we have to offer. It enables us to achieve a precisely budgeted and a well thought out concept. A development proposal made by DTT includes: a detailed and functional design, a specified schedule and an exactly specified labour budget. A development proposal made by DTT allows you to be able to make the best suitable choice based on your needs and the required functionalities. With a single glance you will see what costs are associated with a specific functionality. Next, a concise roadmap regarding the development of an app;

  1. Arrange a meeting: provides insights into the objectives and resources of the client. (0-1 week)
  2. Preparation: research of the market. (0-1 week)
  3. Development proposal: form concept to mock-ups and a workflow. With the elaboration of the screens and desired functionalities. We are able to provide you a detailed budget for the required work. (12 weeks)
  4. Agreement: compiling technical documentation, a contract and a schedule. (0-1 week)


The prices of assembling a development proposal will depend on different factors. This includes: the urgency of the project and the scope of the project and concept. After signing a contract we can begin to design and develop the app(s). Design and development usually takes between two and four months. This depends on the size and complexity of the project. We will continue until the job is done. Fixed pricing for the entire project is not a problem. After developing the app, it will be tested thoroughly and, finally, it must be placed in the App Store of Play Store.

Budget plan

You will find a ‘budget plan’ below. It allows you to estimate your costs required to develop an app. Labour rates vary by company, but do realize that labour rates for developing software is usually higher than labour rates of a handyman.

  • Android app | 80 - 240 hours
  • iOS app | 80 - 240 hours
  • Server/API/Admin (for the use of content and user management) | 24 - 240 hours
  • Design | 40 - 120 hours

For a custom app, you should consider a minimum investment of € 5.000,- which can reach up to an amount of over €100.000,-. Prices for a complete application solution are thus on average between €5.000,- and € 25.000,- per platform. We are also willing to put together a development proposal, specifically designed for the client’s needs and the available budget of the client.   

At DTT we would like to advise you about developing an app and what costs can be expected and help you make well-informed choices. Because of our project approach, DTT created many beautiful apps. You can find them in the App Store and Play Store and in our portfolio. Outsourcing a project to DTT gives you certainty. Our references and numerous repeat orders give proof of that.

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