Children Books reading app - demo tool overzicht
Delivery: 2018, quarter 2

The Kinderboeken (Children Books) reading app (demo version) takes parents and grandparents with their (grand) children onto a reading adventure. Each adventure consists of a combination of illustrations, texts and sounds, offering the user a viewing, listening and reading book experience in one. Thanks to the Unity, a cross-platform game engine, the app is beautiful, playful and lively animated. Ideal for the young audience.

A number of stories are free of charge in the app, but if users want exclusive access to all (new) stories, they should buy a subscription. Furthermore, the content of the app is fully manageable via a Content Management System (CMS). The stories, images and sounds can easily be added in CMS.

The concept is a 'white label', this app serves as a demo for children book writers who want to use the Children Books Reading app as the basis for their own children books. If you want to know more, please contact us.

Children Books reading app - demo tool beschrijving


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