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Delivery: 2018, quarter 1

The Bagels & Beans app is a loyalty program in the form of a loyalty app. The concept is similar to the FanlySunflowerDoppio and Sumo loyalty apps, developed on behalf of Fanly. With the app, regular Bagels & Beans customers are always informed of the latest promotions, offers and news from the personalized news feed.

Users can easily save points by scanning the QR code on the bill of every visit to a Bagels & Beans café. With these points users can claim vouchers, for discounts or even free products. The vouchers can be redeemed in the app for 'rewards'. In addition, you can top up your own balance in the app, and then purchase Bagels & Beans products with it.

To get to know more about Bagels & Beans, feel free to visit their website.

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