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Joost Gunterman

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Augmented reality app development at DTT

DTT is a full- service app developer located in the centre of Amsterdam. We guide the way from concept until realisation. This means that we, next to developing an augmented reality app, also try to manage the factors that have impact on the eventual success of the augmented reality app. So, how does augmented reality app development take place at DTT?

To maximize the chance of success we have an approach that builds upon a foundation of intensive preparation and a well thought out plan. This all starts with an introductory meeting, this is the meeting where we get acquainted, align our goals and find common ground for a cooperation. After this we conduct a thorough research. This research is meant to learn from the success of others, fine tune the concept and create a positioning strategy for your augmented reality app. When the concept has been narrowed down and made clear, we will design a workflow for you. A workflow is a blueprint for your augmented reality app. It offers a clear image of what the solution has to offer. It is also a way to see if what we plan to develop matches with your expectations. The opinion of the client is very important to us, that's why we listen proactively and communicate very openly with our clients. When the concept is fully developed and the workflow has been made, we can provide you with a fixed price quotation. Based on this fixed price estimate we are also able to provide a time schedule for the entire project. At DTT we find it important that unexpected surprises are avoided. We don’t want that the price ends up higher than expected or that the project takes longer than agreed upon. That's why we include the client in the phase where we scope the project.

Augmented Reality app development at DTT is a safe choice. We are a strategic partner that always takes time to listen to our client and we’re always on stand by for every question. With a strong development team, talented design team and a decent marketing background we turn your augmented reality app idea into a success.

With our approach we have satisfied many clients. Interested in their experience with DTT as an augmented reality app developer? Read our page with references. Or are you more interested in some of our AR apps? In the following list are some examples:

BEDRIJFS-APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

business apps

DTT has extensive experience in developing business apps for both public and in-house distribution. We have developed such apps as ING Marketing day app and BAM Inspiration solution.

CONSUMENTEN APPS ontwikkeld door DTT

consumer APPS

Our aps have great succces in the app stores. Among our most popular apps are RIVM Tick bite awareness app , Doula Labor Coach app and OSR Augmented Reality app.

Game apps ontwikkeld door DTT

Game apps

Game apps are an effective and fun way to support a campaign and increase customers' loyalty. Our most fine examples of the developed games are Krasloten December game and PokerConnect app.

WEB OPLOSSINGEN ontwikkeld door DTT

WEB solutions

Apart from apps DTT specializes in developing sucessfull websites for different purposes. HG Webshop and HG Order Portal are few examples of the web solutions we have made.


DTT your augmented reality app development company

Is your company ready to embrace the future and use an augmented reality app to enhance the customer experience? Then look no further, at DTT we can help you with that. With our experience in augmented reality app development and our talented team, we can help make an augmented reality app that exceeds your expectations. That combined with an approach that will maximize the success of your augmented reality app, we are the perfect augmented reality app development partner. Are ­­­you interested already? Then please contact us.



Testimonials from our clients



Johan G. Gelderblom, Director Finance, Administrative Organisation and Information Technology

"We were looking for a specialist, that could guarantee speed, transparency and quality of service and product and think along with the client! DTT has managed well to deliver the first project, a sales app for our international branches.

We decided to give our second project, a web portal for our international customers, to DTT as well. I am curious whether DTT will manage to succeed here. After all, as they say "You're only as good as your last game", so you have to prove yourself over and over again!

Project 3 (a second Sales app) and project 4 (a complete new website) are still on the drawing board, so .......!? "


ADante Business Information

Dave Simons, IT Consultant

"Adante E-meeting provides solutions for paperless meetings of your organization. Together with DTT, we have developed an app that allows the user to keep the documents for the current meeting and agenda on the iPad. With the app, you can also add annotations in the documents.

We spoke with a number of vendors and selected DTT. DTT sets itself apart with their strong involvement in the development of the app. DTT thinks, looks for the best solution and gives an honest opinion where necessary. Jeffrey and his team communicate quickly and completely so you always have everything under control, and you never have to wonder how's it going. In short, DTT has been an excellent partner, and we will continue to co-operate with DTT for the further development of the app especially."

Joost Gunterman

Need more info?

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to help.