At DTT, we would like to help maximize your chances of success. With the right approach, this is certainly achievable. Through a “development proposal roadmap” we could work out a proposal. These include the requirements for the technical realization. However, there is another important document in your search for investors.

The importance of a business case is frequently underestimated. It’s often thought, “I have a brilliant app idea and that is worth the money.” Nonsense. An app idea in itself is not worth anything, it must be supported by a business case and technical proposal. A business case is often confused with a business plan. However, a business case is a plan which serves to support an investment decision. It’s an opinion on whether or not to invest based on a cost-benefit analysis.

Corporate story

In addition, the reader of a business case is very interested in the (personal) story of the entrepreneur behind the concept; the corporate story. What is his motivation? Where does he see the opportunities? Where does he come from and where is he going? Is there already interest from the market? Is it recorded? And above all, what are the revenue models that the entrepreneur wants to apply? In the business case, the unique aspects should also be highlighted. Are there parties that are interested in a partnership? Which famous people and fans can be used as serve for the concept? A business case and corporate story should excite the potential investor, persuade and give confidence to invest in the company.


After developing the business case, there can be made contact with interested parties. DTT has lately been working intensively to identify the market of financiers. Because of this we are able to bring you in touch with a number of interesting contacts within our network that we’ve built up.

Do you want more information about setting up a business case? Or do you have further questions or comments? Please call or email us.