The app is completed and will soon appear on the market. This should trigger a so-called snowball effect, but someone must climb the cold mountain and push the snowball over the edge. And the app should be really good, otherwise the snowball will quickly halt. Unfortunately, there is no standard formula for a successful promotion campaign.

It is important to bring the attention of the relevant audience to the app solution. DTT Media is happy to assist in devising and executing the right strategy.

DTT offers several means to achieve this:

  • Professional press release, including the dispatch of the press release, compiling files and reporting. Click here for a summary of previously realized publications.
  • Comprehensive overview of the relevant international websites
  • App promotion website
  • Promotion video

All this is fone to develop a proper image of the product for users, advertisers, investors, bloggers and journalists. We are eager to discuss with you the development of a promotional strategy that fits the situation in a best way. There are also additional promotional opportunities where we can support you; Facebook advertising, SEA, SEO, radio campaigns, outdoor advertising, television, print and more.