Many clients are interested in possibilities of the so called ‘in-app purchases’. The name says for itself: it is purchases made within the app. We would like to share our experience with you.  

In a nutshell 

If you use such apps as Candy Crush, Tinder or Spotify then you are aware of what is in-app purchases. These can be advertisement-free version, new game levels or other functionalities. In a word, it is a way to make (extra) money within the app. Would you download an app that would ask money for installement? Rather not, because you don't know for sure what the app offers you. And that makes sense. That's why the app producers let you download the app for free, get used to it, discover various advantages from it, and only then ask for a contribution. 

An example: our well-liked app Doula 

In some of our apps you can also make in-app purchases. The Doula Labor Coach app is one of them. We asked the owner of the app -Marieke Sibie for an explanation. Marijke: “The Doula app helps women and their partner’s worldwide during the first hours of labor. This is of course done in a nicely and loving manner. 

This app offers a personal Doula for millions of women around the world. I find it very important that Doula is available for everybody.” That’s why the app can be downloaded for free in the App store and the Google Play store.

In 2014 Marijke paid for the iPhone version herself. An extra investment for Android was not possible for her. That was such a shame that DTT decided to offer a help by investing in the Android version. And the cherry on the cake was five extra languages in the app. Different cultures and languages determine what should be said to women during labor. That’s why we asked five native speakers who are also doulas/midwifes to record the coaching.

DTT owner/director Jeffrey says: “The most important thing is to help women worldwide. This is something we, as a development company, like to invest in. We see Doula as our own little baby in a way. 

The Doula app has in-app purchases for:

  1. Background music
  2. Breathing counselling
  3. Statistics
  4. All above: Doula complete 

The benefit from the in-app purchases will be invested in a new and even better version. And for example in more languages.”

Find out more about the Doula labor coach app