There are always possibilities to improve your life, especially your health. Healthcare applications are an indispensable tool in the care and welfare of users and patients. 

Below you will find striking examples of healthcare apps. It may be useful for you perhaps for inspiration. Perhaps to make your life easier. Perhaps to see if DTT as a healthcare app developer may have significance for your business or institution. We are eager to sit with you at the table and discuss your objectives and goals. We would like to know your expectations and tell you about our experience. As a preview, we share no less than 10 (!) relevant health care apps or online applications. Here it goes.

Erasmus MC Clinical Challenge

The app is a wonderful tool for medical students to practice their knowledge and skills. For example, students can use the app in addition to existing teaching methods. With Erasmus MC Clinical Challenge app students can prepare for their physical examinations. This can be done by completing different challenges in a form of a game. Students should make the correct diagnoses within the limited time. 

DTT has developed the Clinical Challenge app for iOS and Android for phones, tablet and iPad.

RIVM Tick bite awareness app

Ticks can be quite annoying when you want to enjoy spring time out of town. Their bites not only bring discomfort, but can also transmit serious diseases than have severe affect on your body - Lyme disease. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) has asked DTT to develop an app that would inform people about the danger of tick bites, help them avoid it or even remove the tick. Users of RIVM Tickbite app are now aware of the periods of tick activity, have access to various useful videos, images and information and therefore have less risk of tick bite consequences. 

Tick bite the app is designed for iOS and Android.


Hoes geocaching game

How to present a theme of safe sex to young people in an attractive and interesting manner? A good idea - to make a game of it. Hoes geocaching game is intended to inform students about safe sex and the danger of STD. First-year student of Uttrechts University have a marvellous opportunity to know the town better and get more info about safe sexual life. Users involve in an addictive games, quests and challenges that navigate them through the town. Informative, fun and entertaining!

Hoes geocaching game was developed for iOS and Android.

St. Jude Medical education game

With medical knowledge quiz, called St. Jude Medical education game doctors can practice their knowledge and challenge each other. Users are challenged with various medical problems in a form of a text, image or video. The physician must decide in which case the patient needs treatment. The game app was created specially for the EuroPCR fair in Paris, the scores of specialists were seen on a big screen.

St. Jude Medical quiz was developed for the iPad.

Doula Labor Coach app

Doula is an experienced person who supports women during childbirth. If you haven't found one yet, there is an application that can serve as a doula - Doula Labor Coach. Labor sometimes can be a painful experienced, the app will help you relax and soothe your pain with coaching breathing exercises, calm music and supporting voice. Thus you can ease your contractions. The app is available in six languages. Many users found the app very helpful and useful. The midwives of the Birth Centre Amsterdam recommend the app.

The Doula Labor Coach app is developed for iOS and Android for both phones, iPad and tablet.

iProvèn eHealth app

Masena Invest produces high-quality medical products all over the world. In collaboration with DTT they brought iProven eHealth app on the market. It is a user-friendly data collector for one of their products; a thermometer. This thermometer is connected via Bluetooth with the app and with independent monitoring system of patients. The goal is to significantly improve healthcare, and to make the patients' information available to their doctors in an easy and organized way. Also, other products of Masena are connected to the patients' monitoring system.

The iProvèn eHealth app is currently being developed for iOS and Android.

Middin sexual education app

How do you provide sex education to people with mental, physical or multiple disabilities? An accessible and effective way is the Middin Sexual education app. All vital topics are covered: from STDs to the rights and obligations of a future father. With push notifications, users are reminded to take pills. Fun factor is also very important in this issue. That's why there is an exciting condom game.

Middin Sexual Voorlichtingsapp was developed for iOS and Android.

EFOX Parkinson's exercises app

Patients with Parkinson's disease can suffer from severe pains cause by disorders in the musculoskeletal system. Sometimes, it is difficult even to smile. EFOX Parkingson's exercises app helps patients to do daily body exercises that have a positive effect on the maintenance of the mobility.

EFOX Parkingson's exercises app is designed for Android phone and tablet.

Fruitbuit app

In collaboration with RIVM, DTT has developed the Fruitbuit app. We focused mainly on ease of use and the speed of application. The main idea of the app is to increase fruit consumption among employees. The app will remind RIVM staff to order fresh fruits for the next day. The user can indicate where he wants the fruits to be delivered. Money will be withdrawn from your credit balance which can be refilled with iDeal payment system. 

The Fruitbuit app is developed for iOS.

Bootcamp loyalty app

The Bootcamp loyalty app was developed to stimulate users for physical activities at various bootcamps. You can now check available bootcamps nearby, reserve a place there and enjoy sporting with others. With the app you can earn points and have great discounts and special offers. You will get pleasant bonuses for being a loyal customer.

The Bootcamp loyalty app is developed for iOS and Android.

Your healthcare app

Would you like to have your app in this list? Contact us today for an informal conversation. Together we discuss the possibilities, your goals, and we answer all your questions about your application idea. Let's improve healthcare through our expertise, and through your healthcare app.