Personally, we love successful apps. One can start a big discussion about what is a successful app, but one thing is certain: successful apps score high in app stores, however, success takes many forms.

Score factors

Only a small part of all apps get to the toplist. So what is the crux of the matter? Well-scoring apps are initially characterized by quality. That sounds like an open door, but in practice, delivering high quality apps isn't that obvious.

We recommend that you carefully think about your app. In short, you do not just start building (or let someone build it) but begin with an extensive preliminary research. Proper basic knowledge is the foundation of a high quality app. If you've thought of all score factors, you already belong to the top 20 percent of app initiatives. Then when you let the app developed by an experienced and knowledgeable company, you move on to the top 5 percent.

Reviews and ratings

You have launched a good app in the app stores: congratulations. Unfortunately, that's only the tip of the iceberg. You want the app to sell itself, for example, because your audience promotes the app. An easy and free way, which is also useful, is receiving ratings and reviews. The critical visitor of the app store chooses the app on the basis of good reviews from others. Or, for example, based on positive stories from his surrounding. Left or right: you benefit from good reviews. The advantage of the tough numbers of ratings and reviews is that it puts your app higher in the top score lists.

Make it easy

It will be easy for users to recommend your app when, for starters, the app has a good name. Also you will remember "Roos" faster than "Shaniqua-Yardena". In short, make sure the app name and features are in the app store's description. And yes, we know that one image says more than a thousand words, so we also emphasize the importance of appealing screenshots and videos. The following tip is not for everyone, yet we share it: realize a free version of your app. So you can easily assemble user fans. And those are the people who make in-app purchases. Win win. Read more about the revenue models of mobile applications.

Sidebar: How often do you rate apps? Or services and products in general? Probably not very often. We neither. A few concrete tips to get your user rate your app:

  1. Put an irresistible counterpart to it. For example, free unlocking of a (paid) feature.
  2. Say why they need to review your product, for example you will use it to make the app even better.
  3. Do not ask for ratings too early, suggest to rate the app for engaged users (so keep your rating high).
  4. Do not ask for ratings too often, this arouses irritation.

Good ratings also contribute to visibility in the app store. Also work on the app store optimization.

We could give you more suggestions on how to reach top scores in the app store. Get in touch with us, make an appointment and together we can make your app concept a star.