How much does it cost to develop an app? At DTT we are presented with the most diverse app ideas every day. Companies, healthcare institutions, governments, investors and individuals all come with different ideas and we always listen carefully to each of them at DTT. But, at the end of the conversation, that one question always remains: ‘’What does it cost to develop an app?’’. Below we would like to explain how the price of an app is determined and share some examples of our own our app portfolio.

What are the price components for app development?

For a custom app you should think of a minimum investment of €5.000, - which could even surpass the €100.000, - barrier. The costs of development are strongly related to the complexity and the desired functionalities of the app. The main factors that influence the costs of development are the following:

1. Type of application

Generally, the type of app and the technique that’s going to be used for development will determine the costs. There are different ways to develop an app. For example: a native app developed for every platform (Android and iOS), a Progressive Web App (PWA) which are suitable for all platforms or a hybrid app. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.                                                                                   

2. Functionalities

The simpler the app, the lower the costs will be. Do you want an app with many different functionalities? Then keep in mind that the costs will be higher, because an app with more functionalities needs more development hours. 

3. Design complexity

Some apps might go for a simple design where they follow the design guidelines of the relevant platform. While on the other hand, there are apps who strive to create a unique user experience through the design. A complex and unique design will take more hours to create, resulting in higher costs.

4. Implementation

The cost of publishing an app in the Google Play Store is a one-time fee of $25, while for iOS it costs $99 per year. Do you want to have an app developed exclusively for an organization? In that case, an enterprise distribution license will also have to be taken out, which costs $ 299 per year.

5. Maintenance costs

On average the maintenance costs are 10% yearly fee based on the costs for development. This will include hosting, updating and bug fixing the app.

Examples of app development costs

At DTT we have been able to develop loads of apps with different budgets. Below we would like to give you some apps developed by DTT to give you an example of the development costs:

1. €10.000 – €15.000 euro: Thuis bij Muis reading app

This platform aims to encourage parents and children to read together, play and entertain each other. The app uses Unity technology which is a hybrid cross-platform game-engine causing the app to run smoothly on different platforms (iOS and Android) without having to invest into a native app. Thanks to that, the app is beautiful, playful and lively animated. It is ideal to attract the attention of young users.

2. €15.000 – €30.000 euro: The Sunflower loyalty app

Visitors of the Sunflower tanning salons are able to save loyalty points with the Sunflower loyalty app, which gives them discounts on sun cosmetics and more. The costs of this app are mainly so low because some functionalities already existed in the DTT database.

 3. €25.000 – €50.000 euro: King Penguin – Greenpeace AR

King Penguin uses AR (augmented Reality) to bring awareness to the protection of the Antarctic, home of the penguins. The concept resembles the popular Pokémon GO app, except that users are looking for penguins instead. By focusing on the core functionalities and the complexity of AR, the King Penguin app is located in the middle segment in terms of costs.

 4. €50.000 – €100.000 euro: Hebban books community app

Hebban is a platform for readers and made by readers which houses the largest and most active book community in the Netherlands. With the Hebban app users can use a barcode scanner to find books and add them to reading lists, read more details and statistics about books and leave ratings or reviews. Due to a smooth functional design, a link with the Hebban database and the various functionalities, the Hebban app is in the second highest segment in terms of costs

 5. More than €100.000: Ziekenhuisbedchecker

The website is an urgent request from the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport regarding the corona crisis. The app which was an urgent order has been developed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) that maps the current healthcare capacity of Dutch hospitals. the ziekenhuisbedchecker always shows a complete overview of the beds which are currently available. The search can be filtered by type of hospital bed, closest hospital, hospitals within a specific region and alphabetical order. Due to the urgency of the assignment and the constant need of development sets the in the highest segment in terms of costs.

The app development process

The costs of developing an app consist of more than just development costs. Developing an app consists of several phases and components:

  1. Kick-off meeting: during the kick-off meeting, the project outline is made clear, the main goal is determined, and the steps to achieve this goal are set.
  2. Functional design: the functional design provides a complete overview of all the screens and functionalities of the desired solution. Also, the functional design creates a clear image of what the solution has to offer, and whether or not it matches the goals and objectives of the client.
  3. Visual design: a visually strong, unique and user-friendly design, which matches the goals and users of the app.
  4. Development: after approval of the functional design, the relay pole will be transferred to the development team where the magic happens.
  5. Testing: during development the app will be tested thoroughly to ensure a bug-free launch.
  6. Project management: project management is an important part of the development process. Discussions, technical specifications, planning, managing deadlines, informing clients and distributing apps to the App Store and Play Store. All of these parts take time and are just as crucial as the development of the app itself.
  7. Maintenance: developments within the mobile market are following one another in rapid succession. For example, software updates and new devices, both require regular maintenance. Also, there should be enough room in the budget department for bug fixing and hosting.

A price indication for your app idea

Hopefully, you now have a clear picture about the cost of an app. The costs are determined by several factors and are strongly related to the complexity and the desired functionalities of the app. Do you have a strong app idea, but is financing it still an obstacle? Then read our article: find investors for your app idea.

Are you curious about what the development costs would be for your app idea? Please contact us, we’re happy to help. After going through our step-by-step Development Proposal Roadmap, we will come to a clear price indication.

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