It is advisable that you  also think about a business plan, besides a full description of your app concept. This offers you the opportunity to develop your ideas and to check your idea with a critical test. By working out the concept further and to put it on paper, you will see that you will find progress through your app concept process.

What is a business plan?

A business case is often being confused with a business plan. However, a business case is a plan which serves to support an investment decision. A business plan is a systematic translation of all your ideas on the company to feasible actions. To convert your ideas into action you need to gather information, make analyzes and make decisions based on your research.

A good business plan is very important for every entrepreneur. A good preparation is the basic for a greater chance of success. A business plan has to provide insights into your situation and goals, and above all in the feasibility of the app idea and the app concept. 

What to include in your business plan for your app?

A business plan is different for every company, but there are some parts that definitely should be included. You need to think about the kind of product or service that you’re offering while writing a business plan. Who is your target audience? Who are the competitors? How can you stand out from the competition? How do you calculate your costs and your revenue model? How do I launch the product or service in the market? Who can help me? Which distribution channels are interesting and suitable for me? How to make a good internal and external organization? What are the risks? Do you get the financing? With equity or debt?

Working out the questions below can help you give your business further form:

The app idea into the market

  1. Introduction/reference of the initiative
    1. Why this initiative?
    2. Product/target group combination
    3. Which products (service) are offered to the audience?
  2. Supply chain
    1. Your own and possibly adjoining business columns
    2. Your position in relation to suppliers and customers.
  3. What value does the product (service) have for the target group?
  4. What is the motive of acquisition?
  5. What unique features does the product have in relation to the competition.
  6. What is the motive of choice?
  7. What activities will carry the organization itself?
  8. What is the existence?


  1. What do you want to achieve?
    • Marketing/sales
  2. How do you want to achieve it?
  3. What conditions are necessary for this?


  1. What conditions are necessary for this?
  2. What is the need for investment?
  3. What conditions are necessary for this?
  4. How much equity is introduced?
  5. What is the projected return?

Obviously DTT is always ready to assist you in working out these questions. We develop proposals for governments, multinational corporations, small and medium-sized companies and individuals. We do this with success, thanks to our proposals we have received several financings for app concepts. A business plan and business case are crucial documents when working out an app concept.