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First delivery: 2021, quarter 2

Zodify is an online community of spiritual advisors. Users can instantly get in touch with spiritual advisors in an easy and safe manner. This is done through a spiritual online chat, e-mail or telephone call. Choose a category; select the desired spiritual advisor or request to get in touch with multiple advisors simultaneously. Besides spiritual readings, Zodify also offers free daily horoscopes.

Are you spiritually gifted? Then Zodify is also the right platform for you. Become a Zodify advisor by filling in the form on the website. Zodify is flexible, choose your own working hours and guide others to spiritual tranquility and clarity as you cozily work from home.

In addition to the website DTT also developed a CMS for Zodify. The CMS allows easy tracking of all accounts, transactions, reviews and sessions. Also the CMS includes admin creation and a profanity filter. Admins are able to update and edit content on the website through the CMS. This includes modifications to the homepage and the addition of new landing pages.

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