The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Canteen Scan overzicht
First delivery: 2020, quarter 1

The Canteen Scan of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre helps organizations to design their school, sports or business canteens so that healthy food choices are stimulated. By using the scan, which consists of questionnaires, making pictures and naming the products in the pictures, the user will get a recommendation in the form of a health-score summary. Within this summary the user can read how healthy the supply of the canteen is and where improvements can be made. If the canteen meets the guidelines of The Netherlands Nutrition Centre, the user will receive a review including a medal of bronze, silver, gold or “ideal”. Thereafter, the user can request a certificate and will receive this after a control of the data by The Netherlands Nutrition Centre.

The Netherlands Nutrition Centre Canteen Scan beschrijving



"The Canteen Scan, an online tool that helps providers to make their eating and drinking facilities healthier, was ready for an update. We have put a 'dream scan' on paper with all our wishes and those of our users. Together with DTT, we translated it into a design, which was then built.

With multiple user roles, different needs per environment where food and drinks are available (school, sports, work) and the link with an existing food database, the Canteen Scan is not a simple tool. But DTT has succeeded in translating our wishes into a nice tool. The new Canteen Scan is a visually modern, adopted and user-friendly web app.

Those involved in canteens and restaurants can enter the products offered and their placement on the basis of photos. Users additionally receive advice for improvement, so that locations are able to take steps towards a healthier eating environment that stimulates consumers to make healthier choices."

Irma Evenhuis, Project Coordinator

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