Holland Play and Match overzicht
Completion: 2019, quarter 2

#likeholland is the new campaign from the National Bureau for Tourism and Congresses. The NBTC is responsible for the positioning, development and marketing of the Netherlands on a national and international level. With the #likeholland campaign the NBTC targets international conferences in Europe and North America with the goal to improve the global image of the Netherlands as an ideal country for conferences.

In cooperation with Kingling, DTT has developed the “Holland Play and Match app’’. The game-app allows international visitors to get familiar with the rich Dutch culture and it’s characteristic scenery. This is achieved through a classic game of memory in which users need to match various identical and similar pictures within the time limit in order to reach a high score.

At conferences hosted by the NBTC visitors are able to compete against each other for the highest score. Aside from smartphone and tablet editions, the game also has a conference edition. To prevent connectivity issues at conferences, all data in the conference edition will be saved locally. Additionally this data can be synchronized to a database at a later stage. On top of that the conference edition has an admin panel in which users can synchronize data, start a conference, or modify the time limit of the memory game.

Holland Play and Match will be available shortly on iOS and Android. On these editions users are able to compete against one and other on a global scale. Furthermore DTT developed a CMS, which admins can use to add new pictures to the game.

Want to know more on the NBTC? Visit their website.

Holland Play and Match beschrijving


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