In-house distribution

Delivery: 2017, quarter 4

For optimal implementation and follow-up of our projects, it is essential to have an overview of progress, time spent and deadlines for all current projects. That's why we developed the in-house DTT DMT web app. The app retrieves real-time data from our project management tool Redmine and Google Calendar. The colleagues at DTT enter all their hours spent per project in the Redmine and indicate whether certain parts have been completed. This makes it immediately visible to everyone how much time has been spent on a project and what is the progress per each project.

The app displays an overview of all deadlines for the next 5 working days and all the meetings per day. Furthermore each project team has a ranking based on hours worked during the week. The team member who logged the most hours is rewarded with his own badge with his photo. Project managers and subleads also have their own badge.

DMT: Deadline Management Tool beschrijving


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