Akkermans PensionCommunication Tool overzicht
Delivery: 2017, quarter 2

DTT develops a hybrid app - the Pension Communication Tool for a full-service pension and financial management specialist Akkermans & Partners. As a result of the Pension Communication Act entering into force, employers have heavy implicit obligations in the field of pensions. These obligations are for employers - as non-retirement experts - virtually an impossible "mandate" of the legislature. The Pension Communication tool has been developed specifically for that reason. This hybrid app helps employers with information and advice on, inter alia, the regulation of retirement plans, transitional arrangements, historical arrangements.

For an app that provides information and advice, user-friendliness and clarity should be central. 'Innovative' and 'Professional appearance' are key words during the app development process. This makes advice and information insightful.

Check the  Akkermans & Partners website for more info.

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